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Tile matching video game with a South Pacific theme

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Zuma's Revenge is a sequel to the critically-acclaimed game Zuma. In this game, the player controls a frog that has become the enemy of an angry god named Zuma. The main mechanic of the game features helping the frog break free of the chains surrounding him. These chains are color-coded and serve as a visual cue for the player. In order to break free of the chains in this fast moving game, it is necessary for the frog to shoot appropriately colored balls at the chain in order to successfully burst the balls and, thus, freeing the frog. The game is over if the chain continues to grow and overwhelms the frog.

Pros of Downloading Zuma's Revenge:

  • Witty Dialogue and Irreverent Humor: Although the plot for the game (i.e., the frog's hostile relationship with the angry God) is usually a background detail when compared to the action of the game, the witty dialogue and banter heightens the experience of the game by making the player laugh out loud. This increases the overall enjoyment of the game without detracting from the gameplay itself.
  • Addictive Gameplay: This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the ball-and-chain shooters. The goal of the game is to keep the chain from overwhelming the screen by depleting it over time. In order to cause parts of the chain to disappear, it is necessary to shoot a colored ball at the chain so that it adds the ball to the chain. If three or more balls of the same color are connected at the end of this action, then those balls will disappear and the chain will retract by the number of balls that disappeared. This is a very fast paced game that allows the player to solve puzzles without being overwhelmed by thought. People have found this game addictive and will spend hours solving the puzzles because it is so much fun. The gameplay stays fresh and exciting by adding a boss fight (which provides an additional place to shoot the balls) every few levels.
  • Excellent Graphics: The graphics for Zuma's Revenge are much better than those for most ball-and-chain shooters, including the original Zuma game. The added benefit of having high graphical fidelity makes the process of playing the game much more fun. The colors are bright enough so that it is very clear which balls need to be joined with which. Furthermore, the details are sharp enough so that the balls can be shot accurately.

Cons of Downloading Zuma's Revenge:

  • Demo Available Only: The only free version of this game is the demo, which is sixty minutes long. Many people believe there is not enough content in the demo, although that may be intentional on the developer's part. That is, the purpose of the demo is to get a person hooked on the game so that they actually purchase it.
  • Long Download Time: Some users have reported an extended period of time being needed to download the game, which is a inconvenience for those itching to play the game.

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